Sharing news and reviews about the latest immersive and interactive exhibitions and installations around the world.

And yes, I agree that ‘immersive’ is becoming widely overused. So let’s create a go-to hub highlighting new technology as it’s used in arts and culture that is worth remembering. And then more than that, talk about why it got you hooked.

David Hockney inspired me to look at digital art in his 2012 exhibition A Bigger Picture (Royal Academy of Arts, London) when he displayed a prolific body of work created on his iPad. After the Splash is a nod to the work created using technology, in a time after The Bigger Splash.

Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to attend the exhibitions, but more often than not I’m a voyager online and blogging from afar from a beach on the Gold Coast, Australia.

In a previous life I worked in publishing in London, but really wish my past life was in a post-punk band.

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