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Siren Song at Dark Mofo

Australia’s winter arts festival Dark Mofo, a celebration of the darkness of the (southern) winter solstice, returned last month with large-scale light installations and one program inclusion The Guardian described as ‘a logistical triumph, and a beautiful work of art’.

Siren Song was a soundscape performed at sunrise and sunset. For 10 days Hobart’s inhabitants woke and clocked-off work to an ethereal female voice appearing from 450 speakers scattered over Hobart. As the sun slowly rose and set with it’s winter metallic pastel colours a helicopter was seen flying over the city, also equipped with black speakers. Lasting around 7 minutes, the soundscape was part opera, part call to prayer. Made by Melbourne sound artist Byron J Scullin and curatorial team Supple Fox (Hannah Fox and Tom Supple) and featuring vocalist Carolyn Connors,.

As The Guardian highlight, Siren Song was ‘a unique collaboration that impresses not just as work of art but also as a feat of logistics, planning and cooperation with local government and business.’

Speaking to the Guardian, Scullin said Siren Song “started with my interest in sound as an aesthetic material: what does it feel like to be inside this massive sound? It’s coming from the sky. How do you make that happen? What are the technologies that you employ?”

Siren Song ran from 8-18 June 2017, Hobart Australia.


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