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In London this week: Temple of the Tongue, and Perfume

The outlandish food artists Bompass and Parr have opened their studio for the first time ever, offering visitors a ‘sensual and provocative installation’, through a selection of gastronomical, immersive and flavour-based innovations.

The event Temple of the Tongue coincides with the studio’s 10th anniversary and displays a decade’s worth of creations that earned the duo their Willy Wonka comparisons and Patron Saint of Jellymongers titles.

Looking through the lens of memory, visitors to Temple of the Tongue will experience a satellite version of the retrospective exhibition, Tongue Town, launching in May 2017 at the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art. While Tongue Town will focus on the context and output of Bompas & Parr projects, Temple of the Tongue will hone in on the processes of the studio.

Equipped with headphones, visitors will be guided through an audio-tour around the 3 Grange Yard warehouse, the site of Bompas & Parr’s creativity in London. The satellite exhibition will allow people to enter the kitchens and workshops while the team goes about their daily business, providing an immersive experience that will animate the entirety of the studio. During the tour, exhibition invigilators, armed with crystal tipped spears, will interrogate your flavour palate, feed you rare treats from the Bompas & Parr kitchen, and sit you down to hear a recital from a cocktail pipe-organ.

Bermondsey London – 19th-22nd of June 2017

At Somerset House the sensory exhibition Perfume: A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent invites visitors to discover a vibrant new scent scene through multi-sensory installations.

Throughout the exhibition’s run, a fully functioning laboratory will be open to visitors, offering the opportunity to discover the perfumer’s toolkit or see a particular process at work. Visitors will be able to smell individual ingredients found in the ten exhibited scents and other well-known fragrances.

The exhibition also includes residencies and take-overs by up-and-coming British perfumers, as well as demonstrations, perfume deconstructions, workshops and discussions.

Somerset House, London – 21 June – 17 September 2017



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