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Sunday Listening: Behind-the-scenes on how the VR experience ‘Thresholds’ was made

Listen to Somerset House’s podcast talking with Thresholds artist Mat Collishaw on the creation of his current VR experience, a virtual photography exhibition taking participants back to the beginning of photography.


What is an honest self-review by the artists and developers on how much they were able to the achieve with VR, the exhibition is more of an achievement in showing what VR technology can do now. It’s no longer a product ‘of the future’, and it’s moving very fast. Only a year and a half ago the initial concept wasn’t possible, but as is the speed of technology, it didn’t take long until “the impossible was possible”

Given the explosion in the VR space it’s still evident that the technology is lacking in it’s ability to be completely realistic. But not taking away from the exhibition, the podcast goes on to explain how the artists and developers were able to match the capabilities of VR equally with the narrative, creating ‘layers’ of reality for participants. It is more than just a ‘wow’ idea, the narrative is as much as part of your enjoyment as the technology itself.

12 minutes of your time.

Includes interviews from Larry Schaaf, historian and authority on Fox Talbot; Nicolas Byrne & Ed Lloyd of VMI Studios; and Hans Kraus, a dealer of 19th century photography and a collector of Fox Talbot prints.


And also significant to the behind-the-scenes story is the exhibition’s initial history as a Kickstarter campaign. Gathering impressive backing of almost £25,000 from a mere 243 backers. Does this show there’s an appetite from the public to support more of these productions?


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