Met the London Bar Dedicated to Digital Art

REDYELLOWBLUE is the new-ish bar slash exhibition space, which opened in East London at the site of the former Olympic Venue, dedicated to digital art.

Conceptualised by the team at JaguarShoes Collective, known for other memorable London bar interiors (Shoreditch’s authentic rough-round-the-edges DreamBags JaguarShoes, and the pagan folklore interior of Hackney Down’s Hands Of Glory), the new space is currently exhibiting a beautifully illustrated wallpaper that comes alive at night through an immersive projection-mapped interactive digital display.

[Illustration artist Lucille Clerc in partnership with the creative studio Convival Project.]

Projection mapping has shown it’s strengths at city events and festivals all over the world (see Creative Bloq’s list of the 14 best examples). But what’s most exciting about this form of digital technology when used on art is its potential to allow interactive elements with audiences, and the possibility that the art can adapt to the environment around it.

No doubt projection mapping will be one technology that evolves quickly and we’ll keep seeing many great examples in 2017. In the meantime we applaud the initiative of JaguarShoes Collective and can’t wait to see more public space dedicated to digital art.

Have you seen other venues dedicating space to digital art? If so, let us know!



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