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Sunday Reading: What it takes to turn a novel into a VR experience

It’s a blurry line when novels step into VR territory; that is, it’s not uncommon for novels to be the first medium for stories before they return in film form, so a visual format isn’t new to audiences. But how much appetite is there for immersive experiences in film, or even, reading? What does this mean for publishing houses as they dabble in film production techniques, and what barriers need to be shifted when it comes to film rights?

Publishers Random House and The New York Times have ventured into this new territory to create a VR companion experience to George Saunders’ new novel Lincoln in the Bardo.

Read Publishing Perspectives’ review on how they made it possible. From Novel to VR: Making The Times’ ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’

Lincoln in the Bardo
 VR is available for free in The New York Times VR appVRappicon.

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